These are Tutorials I’ve written for Half-Life 2 modding.  They are written assuming basic knowledge of Hammer and entities, and my hope is to cover some of the more unusual or interesting setups I’ve used over time.

Setting up FacePoser
An older but potentially still useful guide for setting up FacePoser.

Adding Autosaves
Learn how to implement autosaves and the different options available, including SaveDangerously.

Adding Music to Black Mesa Maps
Find out how to add music to Black Mesa maps.  Includes a list of available music tracks.

Standoff Tutorial
Learn how to use the ai_goal_standoff and ai_battle_line entities, which cause Combine units to move from cover-to-cover like Gears of War enemies.

Making Func_Dustcloud Not Suck
Learn how to make Func_Dustcloud into a viable alternative to the expensive Func_Smokevolume again by changing the material file it references.

Scripted Shooting with Func_Tracktrain
Learn how to script a Strider to dramatically destroy rows of glass by giving him an invisible, moving target to fire at.

Improving Func_Precipitation
Find out how to make the Half-Life 2 rain effect from func_precipitation look better without code or changing materials.

How to Add StopSchedule
The aiscripted_schedule entity has a hidden StopSchedule command which isn’t exposed to Hammer.  Learn how to add it in this tutorial.